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What's on My Desk?

I've been working remotely full-time since 2015, and the following are what I've been using: Standing desk Cost: $10 bedrisers to elevate my existing desk It's a lot cheaper than spending… Read Article →

Patrick McKenzie's "Don't Call Yourself a Programmer, And Other Career Advice"

These are my takeaways from Patrick's post , where I quote verbatim whenever possible. "90% of programming jobs are in creating Line of Business software." Patrick is referring to CRUD… Read Article →

Maximize Your Remote Work Productivity

Product recommendations to remove bottlenecks in your remote setup NOTE: This post is a work in progress and will see some edits over the coming days and weeks. I have primarily focused on… Read Article →

How to Read a git diff

When I learned how to read a git diff/patch, I felt like my understanding of the internal mechanics of git improved. Here's a little tid bit I'm going to use as an example to illustrate some… Read Article →

git add Everything but Whitespace Changes

I was fixing some spelling errors in an open source repo in GitHub, but for some reason, when I went to git diff to see which changes would be staged, I started seeing hundreds of whitespace… Read Article →

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