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Steve Kruger's "Don't Make Me Think, Revisited"

I recently read Steve Kruger's book about web and mobile usability and wanted to jot down some takeaways that I'll be able to reference again in the future. For context... I've already read… Read Article →

What's on My Desk?

I've been working remotely full-time since 2015, and the following are what I've been using: Standing desk Cost: $10 bedrisers to elevate my existing desk It's a lot cheaper than spending… Read Article →

Patrick McKenzie's "Don't Call Yourself a Programmer, And Other Career Advice"

These are my takeaways from Patrick's post , where I quote verbatim whenever possible. "90% of programming jobs are in creating Line of Business software." Patrick is referring to CRUD… Read Article →

Maximize Your Remote Work Productivity

Product recommendations to remove bottlenecks in your remote setup NOTE: This post is a work in progress and will see some edits over the coming days and weeks. I have primarily focused on… Read Article →

How to Read a git diff

When I learned how to read a git diff/patch, I felt like my understanding of the internal mechanics of git improved. Here's a little tid bit I'm going to use as an example to illustrate some… Read Article →

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