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Prefix Tree

By reading this post, you will be able to answer the following questions: What is a prefix tree? (Tree that groups together elements with common beginnings.) How do I navigate through one? (One piece of the data at a time!) What can I use a prefix tree for? (Autocompletion: search engine, T9 texting…

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You will learn: A variable declaration is hoisted. A variable initialization is not hoisted. A function declaration is hoisted. A function expression is not hoisted. Need a refresher on these terms before learning about hoisting? Check out my previous post: Write and Execute JavaScript…

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Write and Execute a JavaScript Function

You will learn: A function definition is a function implementation. A function expression is not the same as a function declaration. A function call is a function invocation. An actual argument and a formal parameter are similar, but not exactly the same thing. Definition (or Implementation) A…

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